Different Edges for Granite Slabs for Toronto Kitchen Countertops

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This article discusses the different edges for granite slabs Toronto homeowners choose. Keep reading to learn about the best and most common edges that can be obtained for granite counters.

Granite Slabs for Toronto Kitchens

When you choose a granite slab countertop for your Toronto kitchen, you’ll have to select colour, pattern, finish and more. One choice that many homeowners don’t often consider carefully is the edge of their stone countertop. An edge can make a difference to the look and feel of your stone slab countertop. It can also impact function, affecting everything from cleaning to safety.

Which Edge Is Best?

There are many, many different edges to choose from. Here are a few of the possibilities for your countertop:
  • Square. The least noticeable type of edge, square countertops keep the natural shape of the slab, with just a tiny bit of softening. The clean lines of a square edge work well in any kitchen.
  • Mitred. A mitred edge is assembled from two pieces of stone. A "frame” around the slab gives the countertop the appearance of extra thickness. It’s often combined with square or eased edges.
  • Slanted Mitre. A mitre that slants steeply inward is a recent countertop trend.
  • Chiseled. Also known as "broken” or "rock face”. This relatively recent trend in edges is catching fire. The stone is left with a rough, rugged texture.
  • Bullnose. This edge is deeply rounded, top and bottom, and is a time-honoured favourite.
  • Demi-bullnose. The edge is rounded on the top, but flat on the bottom.
  • Bevel. Rather than rounding the top edge, a bevel makes an angled plane around the top of the stone.
  • Eased. This edge is just very slightly beveled on the top edge and is softened at the corners.
  • Double Bevel. A second angled plane goes around the bottom of the stone.
  • Extreme Bevel. A deep bevel at the top of the counter.
  • Reverse Extreme Bevel. This edge angles back steeply at the bottom.
  • Ogee. This edge curves inward at the top, and bulges out like a small demi-bullnose at the bottom. It gives a curving flow to the countertop and evokes a more ornate aura.
  • Reverse Ogee. Flips the ogee on its head for a more modern look.
  • Dupont. A profile with a small flat area that projects out into a curved top edge.
  • Quirk. An edge that resembles two steps, with straight edges.
  • French Cove. A fancy edge, with a scooped portion above a straight edge.
  • Marine Edge. This edge is raised higher than the countertop, so that any spilled liquids will stop before going over.

Hundreds of Possibilities

Most fabricators will also do custom edges, or can combine any of the above edges. Use your imagination to create just the right look for your counter. You can make a simple square edge look very dramatic by running the countertop vertically down over the side of a cabinet or island, for example.
Each granite slab is unique, a one-of-a-kind piece of stone with distinctive colour and patterning created by nature. Enhance its beauty by ensuring that you choose the perfect edge for your countertop!